15 Kissing Games That’ll Spice Up Your Foreplay Life.

There’s nothing like a kiss to make you feel giddy, loved, and sexy. Whether you’re in a monogamous relationship or not, these kissing games will serve as hot and heavy foreplay, a first step toward your married-sex makeover, or a sweet excuse to smooch your crush.


kissing games spin the bottle

Dr. Liz Powell, a psychologist, author, and speaker at Sex-Positive Psych and Building Open Relationship, has a new take on Spin the Bottle. Whomever the bottle “picks” makes a request for what they’d like to do with the person who spun it — from a handshake to hot eye sex across the circle to a peck on the cheek. The spinner then gets to accept the offer or make a counter offer. When both agree on what to do, it’s go time.

But Powell says this game isn’t just a grown-up version of the teen classic: “Everyone gets to practice asking for what they want and saying no — some of the most important skills for happy sex lives!”