12+ People Who Took Us For Dummies

Sometimes it can feel like the authorities of the world are speaking down to you, or trying to pull the wool over your eyes! However, we’re not so easily fooled are we? Well, most of us aren’t…

From companies trying to sell the wrong animals to the unsuspecting public, to pesky cows trying to fool us with their clearly false hairpieces, here are 12+ people who took us for dummies!

1. “Walmart never fails to fail.”

Pfft, come on Walmart, that’s not a hippo, it is quite clearly a monochromatic unicorn!

2. “Well you could have fooled me!”

I can’t wait for the follow-up video which is just one belligerent old man fighting through the bushes screaming, “This is a free country!”

3. “You’re not fooling anyone, fancy restaurant menu!”

If there is one area that I have expertise in, it is in the construction and consumption of cookies! So you’re not getting anything passed me.

4. Notice From Management

I mean, I would hope that they put this up just as a ridiculously unnecessary precautionary measure on the off-chance that someone was stupid enough to do this. However, something tells me that someone already tried this.

5. “Remembering ‘that’ Ikea April Fool.”

Due to the immense amount of times that Ikea sends out stuff with missing or generally wrong parts, I don’t think that they should be allowed to be this tongue and cheek about anything relating to missing or wrong pieces.