12 Celebrities Who Won Their Battle Against Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the worst problems afflicting modern man. Both drug and alcohol addiction is rampant throughout America taking a huge toll of life and disrupting families as well. Celebrities’ too aren’t an exception being even more prone to the drug abuse because of denuding lifestyles. However, Even as several celebs like Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison have succumbed to drug abuse, there are many who have battled it and won. Here are 10 such celebrities who fought drug addiction.




1Angelina Jolie



Angelina Jolie experimented with every possible drug in existence. She even suffered from anorexia and depression. However she pulled through her ordeal and by the time she did Lara Croft, She was rehabilitated and drug-free. She fought her drug addiction by surrounding herself with people who she loved and cared for.



Angelina Jolie

Image Source: wwwezinemark.com