10 Unknown Facts About Halsey

Halsey is an unbelievably successful singer-songwriter, and here are a few tidbits about her and her career than most fans don’t know.

Whether it’s her ever-changing hairstyles, her unique fashion sense, or the fact that her music is able to speak to anyone, it is safe to say that Halsey is a name known worldwide. There is hardly ever a time when one of her songs isn’t on the Billboard 100 charts, and her songs are usually playing every time you turn on the radio—but other than her crazy deep songs and awesome style, what else is there to know about the popular musician? Here we have listed ten unknown facts about Halsey!




10. Halsey Isn’t Her Real Name

It isn’t uncommon for many music artists to create unique stage names for themselves and Halsey is no different. Her real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane and her stage name is actually an anagram of her first name—which, if you think about it is pretty awesome! Halsey also admitted that her name is also based on a New York subway street that she grew up around in Brooklyn.