10 Plants That Won’t Die If They Aren’t Watered For A Week (Or Two)

It’s often hard for adults to find time for hobbies — especially when you have kids. Usually, any free time you have gets spent on your kids’ preferred activities.That said, it’s really important to carve out at least one thing for yourself. It could be knitting, basket weaving, or just gardening.

While springtime is the best time to start on seeds and outdoor vegetables, indoor plants can help keep you company all year long. Plants should be incorporated in any house. And since NBC News reports that owning plants can make you feel better as a person, it’s good to have some knowledge on plants that won’t die — at least, they won’t die because of a bit of user error.

I, personally, love plants and can’t leave Home Depot without a new green buddy.

Plants that won’t die all that easily will also make your living space much saner — especially if you’re cooped inside. As humans with a lot going on, we may forget about our plants due to other big concerns (hello, coronavirus.) Other times, we might be watering them too much. Obviously, plants can’t talk. You can eventually figure out when they’re too hydrated, but it may be a tough call at the moment.

That still should never serve as a reason not to buy a handful of new indoor plants. Here are 10 types of plants to be on the lookout for.

1. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is known as a “beginner’s plant” — but even if you have established your green thumb, they’re still great to have indoors. They require low light and low water. So if you’re currently living in a place that the sun doesn’t seem to hit, consider buying a Chinese evergreen to keep your home looking lively.