10 Old, Rich Dudes With Hot, Young Wives

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison
Courtney and Doug met after she signed up for one of his acting classes. They chatted online, fell in love, and with the approval of Courtney’s parents, they got married in Vegas. The problem? He was 51 when they were first married and she was only 16! They’re still together today, though Doug has recently made claims they’re estranged and that she’s addicted to fame.

Robert Murdoch And Wendy Deng
Wendi Deng’s first marriage to an older man was in 1990, when her husband, Jake Cherry, was 30 years older than her. Their relationship didn’t last and he eventually filed for divorce. She then went on to marry Robert Murdoch who was 37 years older than her when they wed. She was 31 and he was 68. She was described by his family as being a golddigger and they eventually divorced.