10 Celebrities Who Died Right In Front Of Their Fans.


It is indeed tough to write about death, the inevitable end. We’re sure that it’s hard for even you readers to read about it. But still, this topic somehow manages to fascinate us. It is interesting to note that millions of commoners all over the world die every day about whom we don’t care. But when a celebrity dies, he or she immediately garners the attention of the whole world. It doesn’t matter whether the celebrity is local, national or international. We may come across articles about genocide, but until we see the images and stories of those affected, we simply don’t care. People sympathized with the celebrities because they feel connected to and attached to them, especially the loyal fans of the celebrities who feel them be their idols and have a strong bond with them.

It becomes, even more, harder to cope up with when death comes unexpectedly. Many people believe that when a person dies doing something he or she loved the most, he or she dies peacefully and in the best possible way. Though this does not have much logic to it, it is comforting for those in grief. In the case of the celebrity deaths mentioned here, it may also be reassuring to the fans present at the very spot of the death of their favorite celebrity. All of these deaths were highly unexpected, accidental and unbelievable. Each one of these deaths occurred right in front of the fans. Do note that all of these are not internationally celebrities, but had loyal fans who loved them and mourned their death.