10 Actors Who First Gained Success As Musicians

These talented actors started off in a different profession — thy actually started out as a musician.

The entertainment business makes for an endless stream of possibilities. Many don’t have to stick to just one career path. Some of the most famous actors in Hollywood didn’t originally start out that way. They started on the other end of the business.Before garnering success on the big screen, Lady Gaga was the number one pop music sensation in the industry. He’s not the only one who made a transition from one career to acting. There are more than a handful of well-loved actors from some of your favorite films who were first musicians. Let’s take a look at Hollywood actors who first sang a song before acting out a scene.




10. Elvis Presley

Everyone knows Elvis Presley as one of the most profound musicians of his time and well, ever. Presley reinvented the music of his time and was even considered to be scandalous. His never before seen dance moves had mothers shielding their kids’ eyes.

Presley later became even more well known for his acting skills. He started to focus mainly on acting in the 1960s. His most renowned works included Jailhouse Rock, The Trouble with Girls, Kid Galahad and Wild in the Country.